Sarah Ina Meyers

Stage Director and Author


The Tell-Tale Heart, October 2016

"I can't think of a better opera to become a new Halloween tradition." James Jorden, NY Observer

"The Crypt Sessions, in collaboration with On Site Opera, came through with the hair-raising world premiere of Gregg Kallor’s musical monodrama The Tell-Tale Heart... Director Sarah Meyers suggested an interrogation room with a metal chair and a single lamp that cast harsh shadows on Pojanowski’s face. The confinement forced Pojanowski to climb onto the chair at one point as if trying to escape her own skin..." Joanne Sydney Lessner, Opera News

"The starkly simple production by Sarah Meyers, which placed Pojanowski in the merciless glare of a single spotlight, proved one of the most effective stagings I’ve seen." James Jorden, NY Observer

"Director Sarah Meyers has her own brilliant eye on opportunities...Grotesqueries abound." Susan Hall, Berkshire Fine Arts

GALLO, Spring 2014

Sarah Meyers’ direction utilizes slowly unfolding rituals – a dance, a burial, a string woven among the audience…hovering between masque and illustrated essay, “Gallo” repeatedly hones in on striking sounds and tableaux: Williams and O’Doherty combining in a rustling, rasping evocation of the swash of seawater, de la Guardia lullabying recumbent audience members while dead-channel television snow, projected down, mimics light filtering into deepwater...”  Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe

Noye's Fludde, Fall 2013

“There were dramatic images in this ‘Noye’s Fludde’ I will never forget…. An enchanting production.”  Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

The Purcell Project/Dido and Aeneas, Spring 2011

“The Met could take a page from this book!”  Meche Kroop, The Opera Insider